A Win Over Rivers Fury

Name of Work: – CDR to Mahanadi Right Embankment No. 78 A at Musadiha
Package No: – MSD-4 (Under Orissa Water Resources Consolidation Project Part-H Component)
Source of Funding: – World Bank (WB)
Work Value: – Rs. 4,39,79,294.00
Agency: – Bamadev Nayak
Agreement No: – 1 NCB of 2002-03
 A stupendous engineering work of a very arduous nature undertaken by the executing line department (Department of Water Resources) under strict surveillance by the officials and Quality Monitoring Consultants of OSDMA having long tenure of expertise in the field has marked a sign of our gruelling effort in achieving the task, which still stands unbroken / unscathed withstanding the recent high floods in river Mahanadi. The river bank which was at a very precarious and unstable slope were proposed to be reconstructed by stabilizing the slope by loose dumping of hard granite stone boulder of 30 cm and above size to form a bank slope of 1:2. Permanent protection of the formed bank slope was done by carefully placing the stone filled Gabion boxes. The Gabion boxes were filled up with the required 15 cm size boulders on the river bank, then lifted by the crane and were loaded to 200 Tonne capacity barge. The barge was then shifted in to placement location by a Tug. The parallel pontoon were connected by four overhead gantry girders, from which were suspended four movable lifting frames. The barges with the filled gabion units were made to slide between two pontoons and served as a working platform. The gabion units were attached by hooks and chains to the lifting frames raised by the frames to allow the barges to be removed and finally lowered in to place below the water. By operating the frames independently the units were thus placed accurately and uniformly without imposing local stress on the mesh at the lifting points. The gabions were then lowered by using 10 Tonne winches.

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