Functions and Responsibility

The Authority has the mandate not only to take up the mitigation activities but also support the entire gamut of disaster management activities including  promotion of culture of preparedness among all stakeholders as well as coordination with  the line departments involved in reconstruction and recovery, coordination with bilateral and multi-lateral aid agencies, coordination with UN Agencies, International, National and State-level NGOs, Networking with similar and relevant organisations for effective disaster management and building a disaster resilient State and promoting a culture of safety.

OSDMA is also entrusted with the following responsibilities:

  • Promote an integrated and coordinated system of disaster management including prevention and mitigation of disaster by the State, local authorities, other stakeholders and communities.
  • Collect/cause to be collected data on all aspects of disasters and disaster management and analyze it and further cause and conduct research and study relating to the potential effects of events that may result in disasters.
  • Act as a repository of information concerning disasters and disaster management. Prepare and update the policies and plans for disaster management in the State. Promote or cause to be promoted awareness and preparedness, advise and train the community and stakeholders with a view to increasing capacity of the community and stakeholders to deal with potential disasters.
  • Coordinate and monitor activities relating to prevention and mitigation of disasters, including capacity building.
  • Monitor the progress of the preparation and updating of disaster management plans and coordinate the implementation of such plans.
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