Reconstruction of School Buildings

  1. A large number of school buildings were damaged in the Super Cyclone of 1999. In addition of immediate repair of the partially damaged school buildings, reconstruction of fully damaged school buildings was taken up in affected districts by various agencies from different sources of funding like Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF), Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF), funds donated by Hon’ble MPs from their MPLADS funds, DFID, NFCR, Operation Black Board (OBB), funds provided by other State Governments, other Donors & NGOs.
  2. 8890 primary schools and 1152 high school buildings have been constructed in 14 cyclone affected districts.
  3. Out of the above, construction of school buildings from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, MPLADS funds of Lok Sabha MPs, Calamity Relief Fund and funds donated by Lucknow Oriya Samaj to Chief Minister’s Relief fund was entrusted to OSDMA.
  4. OSDMA got most of these buildings executed through the State PSUs IDCO, OCC and OB&CC. However, a few buildings were executed through HUDCO and Tata Relief Committee.
  5. 39 primary and high school buildings out of donation of Lucknow Oriya Samaj were constructed by the concerned school committees.
  6. School buildings out of DFID funds were executed by OPEPA.
  7. OSDMA also monitored the progress of construction of school buildings by different other agencies out of different sources of funding although these funds were not routed through OSDMA.
  8. Funds out of Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund ware directly placed with the concerned Central Public Sector Undertakings/ the Collectors executing the work of the work.
  9. The school buildings will also be used as cyclone / flood shelters at the time of emergency.
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