Give detailed status of cyclone shelters under PMNRF.

    1. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) 5 nos. of shelters in Balasore District, 14 nos. in Bhadrak District and 23 in Kendrapada District were proposed for construction within the cost of Rs.15.00crore which was sanctioned by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in the month of November 06. The 1st instalment of Rs.7.5 crore was received on 27.11.06. The 2nd instalment of Rs.7.5 crore has been received in April 2008.


  1. The 1st phase of tender was floated in the month on 15.11.06 for 19 shelters in Bhadrak and Balasore Districts after completion of soil investigation. However, due to application of code of conduct for the Election to the 3-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions, the work order could not be issued till the election process is over. Thus, work orders were issued for the said shelters and the works started in the month of March 07. Work of 18 of these 19 shelters has already been completed and 12 shelters have been handed over to the respective Shelter level Management and Maintenance committees. The work of the remaining one shelter, construction of which was delayed due to change of site, is expected to be completed by 15.01.09.
  2. Tender for 22 out of 23 sites in Kendrapada District was floated in April 08. One site i.e. Satabhaya could not be taken up as the site was required to be relocated due to sea erosion problem. However, since no response was received for many sites, re-tendering was done 3 times. Besides, further soil investigation was required at 16 sites for which foundation design was finalised by IIT Kharagpur during November to February 08 after completion of detailed soil investigation.
  3. As on date, works has started at 16 sites in Kendrapada District out of which buildings at 6 sites are nearing completion.
  4. Tender for 3 more sites in Rajnagar Block i.e. Khasmunda, Keruapal and Sourendrapur has been accepted and the agency has been called to sign the agreement. The party has already furnished the performance guarantee on 11.12.08. The agreement will be signed and the work will be started at these sites soon.
  5. The tenders for the remaining three sites in Mahakalapada Block though received in the same lot were cancelled due to abnormally high rates quoted by the tenderers. Retendering will be done for these three sites after receipt of additional required fund / commitment from PMO.
  6. Initially the project cost for construction of 42 Cyclone shelters was worked out at Rs.15.00crore as per S/R 2006. This amount has already been received from PMO in 2 instalments as indicated in para-1. However, due to change of foundation design in almost all site in Kendrapada District and escalation of cost of steel, other construction materials and labour, the total cost of the project has increased to Rs.20.90crore. This has been discussed with the Director, PMO in the meeting held at Bhubaneswar on 18.9.07 and the revised requirement has been communicated to PMO in letter 214 dated 17.1.08 and reminded vide letter No.915      dated 20.3.08. The matter is being pursued with PMO for release of the balance required fund.
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