Tsunami Mock Drill-2021

News Date : 05 Nov, 2021

Under the IOC-UNESCO Indian Ocean Tsunami Ready (IOTR) programme, Tsunami Mock Drill has been conducted in 3 tsunami prone villages in each of 22 coastal blocks in six coastal districts and one ward each in three ULBs (Gopalpur, Paradip and Puri).  The drill aims to provide opportunity to test operational lines of communications, drill SOPs, review Tsunami warning and emergency response procedures and promote emergency preparedness. The drill has been conducted in active coordination with various government departments, non-government agencies, PRI members and communities

The entire drill has been coordinated from State Emergency Operation Center, Bhubaneswar following the Standard operating Procedures (SOP). The drill started at 9.30 AM on 5th November 2021.  After getting the dummy tsunami message from INCOIS, the alert siren systems located in the coast were activated from SEOC at 9.30 AM, 9.45 AM and 10.00 AM. Mass SMS were sent through the EWDS from SEOC to the selected people. Voice massages were sent through the alert siren systems from Block EOC. The DMR systems provided to the Alert siren locations were test checked for the two way communication. Satellite Phones (SMDVT) provided to the districts were activated to transmit the message. All the communication channels under EWDS projects were test checked.

The Test bulletins issued by INCOIS were sent to the Dist. EOCs of the six coastal districts through different communication modes, viz., Email, Fax, Social Media. District authorities forwarded the same massage to the Block Authorities through Email, Fax, Social Media. Subsequently, the messages were transmitted to the community in the selected villages/wards. Finally, de-warning (threat passed) message was issued at 12.30 PM on 5.11.2021. The drill was very successful in all the locations.

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