Satellite Phone
          The telephones and mobile phones which connects through terrestrial network or cell sites that can be damaged by natural disasters. Moreover, most mobile telephone networks operate close to capacity during normal times and large spikes in call volumes caused by widespread emergencies often overload the system just when it is needed the most. The satellite phone or satphone operate directly through geo-stationery satellite and therefore can avoid this problem and provide failsafe communication in any eventuality.
         OSDMA has procured 58 numbers of Inmarsat hand held ISAT Satellite Phones and placed with the key disaster managers at the State and District levels. Officers can move to the disaster site with the satellite phone and restore connectivity if other modes of communications have been disrupted or not available.
All the 30 District Collectors have been provided with INMARSAT ISAT hand held Satellite phones.
Two INMARSAT ISAT phones to 10 ODRAF unit has been provided.
One INMARSAT ISAT hand held Satellite phone has been set up in the State Emergency Operations Centre in the office of the Special Relief Commissioner.
One INMARSAT ISAT hand held Satellite phone provided to Police Commissionarate and Fire Service
Five sets are kept with OSDMA to be provided to Chief Minister, Chief Secretary office during any disaster or disruption of terresterial communication.



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20.15° N 85.50° E

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20-Aug-2019 08:50:08

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Control Room

State EOC(BBSR) Toll Free Number - 1070

Other Phone Numbers -0674- 2395398, 2395531

Fax - 0674-2391871

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