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Floods 2007
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           During this floods, 63016 persons were evacuated to safer places. 490 boats & 5 ODRAP units were engaged for the purpose. 62490 pieces of polythene provided to this affected people for temporary shelter.
          46162 persons provided with cooked food in 268 free kitchens. 48498.40 Qtl. Rice, 5133.52 Qtl. Chuda, 550.16 Qtl. Gur distributed among the distress people as emerged relief. There are 93 temporary health centre opened and 171 doctor troops engaged for the purpose. 80326 Ors packets, pure drinking centre in tankers and 499400 water pouches distributed among the people. 3956 tube-wells   disinfected and 802820 halogen tablet supplied for participation of drinking water. 107 veterinary doctors deployed in the flood affected areas and 895 MT tones cattle feed supplied for the cattle.
Visit of Central Team
An Inter-Ministerial Central Team headed by Shri Naveen Verma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, visited the state during 24th October to 27th October to assess the flood situation. They were apprised about the severity of damages due to flood / heavy rain.
Observation of High Level Committee
The High Level Committee had approved the following assistance on the basis of the recommendation of Inter-Ministerial Group and report of Central Team for flood, 2007.
1.     Rs.139.69 crore from NCCF subject to adjustment of 75% of the balance available in the CRF account of the State for the instant calamity. Based on the expenditure details received from the State Govt., the assistance required to be released from the NCCF works out to nil.
2.     Rs.2.376 crore from Special Component of ARWSP.
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