Flood 2006
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       One or other calamities like flood, cyclone or drought occur every year in Orissa and bring in its trail much loss and sufferings to the people and the state. Needless to say that the impact of recurring disasters had negated the effect of developmental progress considerably and put the coping mechanism of its people into severe strain. Such scenario can be felt from successive floods from 2006 to 2008.

          Due to flood/heavy rain 245 Blocks, 3574 GPs, 18912 Villages, 67.39 lakh Population and 4.90 lakh hectare crop areas of the State was affected. 105 persons lost their lives due to flood/heavy rain. 28,327 hectares of crop area were under sand cast due to the floods.

Due to occurrence of series of depressions over Bay of Bengal, heavy to very heavy rainfall was experienced over all catchments of all river systems during July & August. As a result, floods occurred in all major rivers causing damages to life & properties in 27 districts.                                                   
No. of District Affected
No. of Blocks Affected
No. of GP Affected
No. of villages Affected
No. of ULB Affected
Crop Area affected (in lakh hectare)
Population affected (in lakh)
Human live lost
Livestock lost
No. of houses damaged
Qtl.65694.28 Rice, Qtl. 11771.38 Chuda, Qtl. 1530.04 Gur, 60421 Packets of Biscuits, 15868 no. of Polythene Sheets, 9406 Pcs of Dhoti, 4476 Pcs of Utensil, 854 pairs of Garment were distributed to the flood affected people. 32.05 lakh beneficiaries were covered under emergent relief. 1336 nos. of boat were engaged in relief and rescue operation. 63,776 persons were evacuated and shifted to shelter places.   5 units of ODRAF Team and one unit of NDRF Team were also engaged in relief and rescue operation. 121,588 persons were provided cooked food in 247 nos. of free kitchen centres, 217 nos. of Health Team were deployed. 483714 ORS packets and 44,68,544 nos. of Halogen Tab. were distributed. Safe drinking water was provided   to flood victims through tankers. 11,32,300 water sachets & 57,684 nos. of water bottle were distributed. 26,689 nos. of well and 25,796 nos. of Tube well were disinfected. 127 nos. of veterinary doctor were deployed in the flood affected areas for animal care. 89,211 animals were treated, 483422 nos. of cattle were vaccinated. 1202.55 MT of Cattle Feed was supplied to the affected districts. The Health measures taken in flood affected areas were so accurate that no epidemic was spread out.
    Public utilities specifically roads, river/canal embankment were extensively damaged due to floods in five phases. Major bridges and roads were severely damaged due to flood/heavy rain and landslide in Rayagada, Gajapati, Koraput district. 523 no. of breaches in river embankments and 1508 no. of breaches in canal embankments were occurred. 1716 nos. of R & B road were damaged.

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