Community based shelter management: Orissa experience
Community based shelter management: Orissa experience
In the aftermath of the super cyclone of 1999 that ravaged the coastal Orissa OSDMA has constructed 97 Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters in 6 coastal districts. 37 have been constructed under World Bank assistance and 60 have been constructed out of Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. 41 more are under construction out of Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Indian Red Cross Society, Orissa Branch has also constructed 65 Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters. Thus 203 cyclone shelters are in place in various vulnerable locations in six coastal districts of the State.    
Community Based Cyclone Shelter Management and Maintenance Committees (CSMMCs) have been formed under the Chairmanship of local BDO and a volunteer from the community as Secretary and the buildings have been handed over to the concerned CSMMC for management and maintenance. Local Tahasildar, Medical Officer, Junior Engineer of the Block, Revenue Inspector, Head Master of the School, ANM and Anganwadi Supervisor are Ex-Officio Members of the Committee. Representatives from local NGO, from shelter and served villages, SHG and SC & ST communities are also members of the Committee. The CSMMC takes the charge of day-to-day management and maintenance of the building. Most of the buildings have been constructed in School premises so that the buildings will be used for School purposes during normal time. The CSMMC has also been authorized to put the building for economic / community uses like community house, kalian mandap etc. and earn user fees. The amount so earned is kept in a joint account and as and when necessary spent for the purpose of maintenance of the building.
Capacity building of CSMMC
            The CSMMC members and Village Disaster Management Teams like DMT on first-aid and DMT on search & rescue have been trained under DRM Programme. 25 volunteers per shelter have been trained on first-aid techniques by the trainers from St. John Ambulance. Similarly 25 volunteers per shelter have been imparted training on search & rescue techniques by the trainers from Civil Defence organization. The shelters have also been given a linkage with the Village, GP & Block level plans prepared under the DRM Programme.
Shelter Equipment
            Cyclone shelters have been provided with a number of shelter equipment like First Aid Box, Free Kitchen Utensils, Inflatable Tower Lights, Aluminum Ladder, Power Saw, Life Buoy, Life Jacket, Search Light, Stretcher, Siren, Flexi-Water Tank, Fire Extinguisher, Foldable Stretcher, Solar Lantern, Water Filter and Handheld Megaphone, etc. Most of the equipment will be used for Search & Rescue and shelter purposes. The CSMMC members and villagers have been trained on the use of equipment during disasters.

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