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Orissa encountered an unprecedented flood situation during the monsoon of 2006.  Floods inundated large parts of the state in 5 phases covering 27 out of 30 districts. Number of human and cattle life and property worth millions of rupees were damaged as a result of the flood.  During this period of crisis, all the available resources were pressed into service for mitigation of flood situation. The civil administration was hard pressed to manage the flood situation with minimum possible damage to the life and property of the people. Out of the myriad facets of flood management, a single biggest factor emerged in the shape of Orissa Disaster Rapid Action Force popularly known as ODRAF.  The blue dungaree of ODRAF during the last few years has become synonymous with professional Search & Rescue assistance during any crisis situation. The disciplined and trained  ODRAF performed some of the most demanding rescue and relief operations in the state to the satisfaction of  the authorities and won accolades and appreciation of the affected people.

ODRAF unit

Sl. No.


Place of Deployment

Details of equipment and vehicle

OSAP 6th Battaion, Cuttack


Group No.1

Dhamnagar Block in
Bhadrak district
Tirtol block in Jagatsinghpur district

Rubber Boat-4, Out Board Motor (OBM)-4, Power Pruner – 1., 10 KVA Gen set – 1,Tower Light – 1, Life jacket – 40
Life Buoy – 8, Rope, Truck – 1
Troupe carrier – 1


Group No.2

Dasarathpur in
Jajpur district

Rubber Boat-4, OBM-4,
Power Saw-2., Tree Pruner – 1,
10 KVA Gen set – 1, Tower Light – 1, Life jacket – 40, Life Buoy – 8, Rope, Truck – 1, Troupe carrier – 1

OSAP 2nd Battalion, Jharsuguda


Group No.1

Korai Block, Jajpur District

Rubber Boat-2, OBM-2, Life jacket – 20, Life Buoy – 4, Rope, Troupe carrier – 1,


Group No.2

Banki Sub-division, Cuttack district

Rubber Boat-3, OBM- 3, Life jacket – 30, Life Buoy – 6, Rope, Truck – 1

OSAP 3rd Battalion, Koraput


Group No.1

Kendrapara & Marshaghai Blocks in Kendrapara district

Rubber Boat- 3, OBM-3, Life jacket – 40, Life Buoy – 8, Rope, Branch Cutter – 1, Tower Light – 1, Troupe carrier – 1, Ambulance – 1.


Group No.2

Garadpur Block, Kendrapara district

Rubber Boat- 3, OBM-3, Life jacket, Life Buoy, Rope, Truck –1 Troupe carrier-1.

OSAP 8th Bn, Chhatrapur


Whole team

Gop & Kanasa Blocks of Puri district

Rubber Boat- 6, OBM-6, Life jacket, Life Buoy, Rope, Tipperr – 1, Truck – 3.

ODRAF unit of OSAP 6th Battalion, Cuttack: Group No.1 of ODRAF, Cuttack consisting of 16 personnel was sent to  Dhamnagar block of Bhadrak district on 23.8.06 under the charge of Havildar K.S.Mishra. The team was divided into 2 sub-groups and performed duty at Kothar and Dhobal in Dhamnagar block. The sub-group at Dhobal under the charge of Havildar M.I.Baig distributed relief material in the flood affected villages at Dalang, Rajpur, Karada and Kanjabag of Dhamnagar block. The ODRAF team had safely taken the Honourable Revenue Minister and Special Relief Commissioner for visit to  the flood affected villages of Dulang and Raspur on 25.8.06.

The other sub-group was deputed to Kothar village. On that day, at about 9 AM, a person had fallen over board from a country boat that had met with an accident in high flowing water. Sepoy-703, P.K.Mohali had rescued the person with the help of rope, life buoy and life jacket by jumping into the fast current. The courageous work of Sri Mohali and team was highly appreciated by the local people.

The group was sent to Tirtol block of Jagatsinghpur district and was divided into 3 sub-groups and engaged in rescue and relief operations at Kolar, Machhgaon and Krishnanandapur. The sub-group under Havildar K. S. Mishra with his team mates had rescued more than 33 persons along with domestic animals from the riverine island in the river Mahanadi on 1.9.06 for which the B.D.O. Tirtol has conveyed his appreciation.

The second group of ODRAF, Cuttack  consisting of 16 personnel was sent to Jajpur under the leadership of  Havildar J. Mangaraj. The group was divided into 2 sub-groups and deployed at Bari and Jajpur block. The sub-group working in Jajpur block served the Saipur Baijhal ghat, Abdulpur, Hariguansahi, Chitaghat, Nelipur, Bahabelipur and Raspur.  They had also token  Hon’ble Finance Minister and Hon’ble MLA, Korei to Chitghat, Nelipur, Tikin, Kakunikuda, Bankasahi, Rudrapur, Khadipadia and  Kumbharipal to reach the distressed people.

The other sub-group which was sent  to Bari could not reach the destination due to breach in the road and had to be stationed at Baliapal square. The team assisted the Hon’ble Minister, Pramila Mallick to go to Baliapal, Udayanathpur, Arada and Paghira. In the true tradition of ODRAF, Lance Naik C.M.Bagh transported by ODRAF boat,  one expecting mother to Sujanpur hospital, 8 km from her native place in very adverse weather condition where there was no other alternative transportation system and the lady could safely deliver her baby. The local people were vociferous in applause in recognition of the courageous work of the team.

ODRAF Unit of OSAP 3rd Battalion, Koraput: The Group No.1 of ODRAF, OSAP 3rd Bn, Koraput consisting 13 members under the charge Havildar Sk.Rahim Tulla was sent to  Kendrapara district which was divided into 2 sub-groups and sent to Kendrapada and Marshaghai block. The sub-group in Kendrapada block area  performed rescue and relief duties at at Jagannathpur, Ganjakulla, Brahmansasan, Chhagharia and other nearby areas.  They evacuated more than 150 villagers to safer places and  also rescued 2 women who had taken shelter on a tree surrounded by flood water. The good work done by the team was appreciated by the local people and the B.D.O.

The sub-group sent to Marshaghai did courageous rescue and relief operation at Jagannathpur, Mandakhia and helped in evacuation of villagers of Manatiri and Hatia villages.  The B.D.O. and the local people appreciated the work.

The other group consisting of 14 personnel under the leadership  of Dy. Subedar M.K.Nayak at Garadpur block. The group performed relief and rescue operation at Chhagharia, Solaghat, Gobardia, Antei and Mantei villages of Patakura block. They rescued trapped persons from fast flowing  flood water by boat with the help of vehicle head lights. The local villagers patted the ODRAF Jawans for the courageous work.

ODRAF Unit of OSAP 2nd Battalionn, Jharsuguda: The 1st group  of OSAP 2nd Bn, Jharsuguda consisting of 13 personnel performed rescue and relief duties in Korei  block in Jajpur district under the charge of Sri T.Magai. The team also assisted the local civil administration in rescue and relief works at Jandra, Birma, Bartila, Chandrapur, Brahma Barada and Rudrapur in Korei Block.

The 2nd group with 14 personnel did commendable flood relief duty in  Banki under Cuttack district and conducted search & rescue operations in the villages in Banki block, which were marooned and cut-off from the main road. The Sub-Collector, Banki has appreciated the courageous work done by the ODRAF.

ODRAF unit of OSAP 8th Bn, Chhatrapur: Puri was one of the worst affected districts in the state during the recent floods. The situation was aggravated by water logging.  The ODRAF unit from Chatrapur with 32 personnel was rushed  into service in the flood affected areas of Puri district under the leadership of Deputy Subedar Sri B. D. Sethi. The group was divided into 3 sub-groups and sent to Gop and Supring for wider service.

The 1st sub-group conducted relief and rescue operations at Dhuanla, Goundapatana, Jagadapadar, Gopinathpur, Kalapadar, Nuagaon, Kaduaghat.  The team assisted the Hon’ble Revenue Minister and Hon’ble MLA, Satyabadi in their visits to the flood affected areas. The team also extended their able assistance to the inter-ministerial central team during their visit to Puri district for assessment of flood damage by carrying he members to different locations. The Hon’ble Agriculture Minister was also taken by the ODRAF boat and personnel during his visit to the flood affected villages of Dhunal, Kanas, Dakunda, Balipatha, Badas, Kakurbasta, Nakanera, Simadipatna, Badaput and Sonaput. 

The other sub-groups were deployed at Gop and Puri for flood duty.

The ODRAF once again proved during the recent wide spread floods that they are capable of handling calamity of any magnitude. Their courageous work was highly appreciated by the people and the administration. Aptly the affected people were one in their opinion that ODRAF is a befitting substitute for the Indian Army in disaster mitigation.


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