21. IEC activities.

  1. Short video films have been prepared for awareness development of common people on Heat Wave, Cyclone Shelter Management, Healthcare & Sanitation, Food & Nutrition, Community Based Disaster Preparedness and Orissa Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF), Management of Floods and Embankment Construction.
  2. Two short films comprising three episodes each on Search & Rescue and First Aid techniques have been prepared for training purposes.
  3. Posters leaflets and booklets with information and safety tips relating to different hazards and earthquake resistant design and construction of buildings, have been prepared for information of people.
  4. A book titled, “Bipatti, Biparjaya O Suraksha” in Oriya and “Understanding Hazards, Dealing with Disasters” in English has been brought out for the reference of students.

Massive awareness campaign on flood preparedness including safety tips (Do’s & Don’ts) and relief entitlements were released four phases during Mahanadi Floods, 2008.


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